TPW celebrating Canada Day (8am group)

TPW celebrating Canada Day (8am group)
Happy 150th Canada from those who appreciate every mile

Monday, January 22, 2018

Weather Ups and Downs

What a difference a week makes! Last week was so cold and icy underfoot that many walked inside at Yorkdale.  Helen and I found we were just two at Mount Pleasant.  We decided we couldn’t risk the potential ice on cemetery roads so she suggested we walk on the well-salted city sidewalks. We had a very pleasant 5k walk to Bloor and back which I appreciated because we hadn’t had many opportunities to have a long conversation.  One of my favourite things about belonging to TPW is having the time, while walking, to hear the life stories of remarkable people.

This week the weather was mild and well over a dozen people turned up to walk.  Even more joined us at breakfast.  The walk through the cemetery was pleasant, and in weather like this, with a large turnout, one finds oneself in serial conversations, as groups form and re-form according to pace.  Over breakfast even more links are made, bringing a lively diversity to topics. 

The contrast of the two Saturday mornings made me realize the joy of both a long sustained conversation, and a lively, party-like, series of conversations.  TPW has it all.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Photo from the Road

Photo from the intrepid travels who were in Bermuda for a Half Marathon this weekend. Looks warmer than TO, for sure!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Walking Memories

This week has been more random thoughts about walking than actual power walking.

- Many times this week I was glad I could walk fast to avoid being out in the frigid cold.

- Facebook reminded me that it has been 4 years since a group of did the Disney races, Phyllis, Susan, Dianne, Shirley, Sherry, Mary and Ann-Louise. What a event filled weekend we had - lots of walking, a golf cart ride, good food, friends supporting each other and in the end medals and many t-shirts to take home. Most important are the memories created. It may never happen again that I walk 78.2 km in races over 4 days.  It's a great way to experience Disney from a different perspective.

- This week I found a note I wrote Jan 28, 2005  the night before my first Jeans Marine meeting. I think you may relate to note:
  •  "Thinking about tomorrow and my first Jeans Marines walk. Katie has told me that it is intense and I believe her.  I have my stuff out ready for the morning. How could I forget my gloves at work?
  • Do I wear jeans or leggings? I think I will wear leggings.
  • The walk is only 1 mile, so that's okay. It looks like I am a pink/downtown.
  • Pink is for walkers and that's fine by me. I love to walk.
  • I am not as excited as I was when I registered. I guess the reality is looming, while registering was making the initial commitment mentally and financially but not physically - that begins tomorrow."
Now 13 years later I am doing the Robbie Burns 8km race on January 28th. I'm doing it with other women who were Jeans Marines and others who are not. What is wonderful is that year and year we continue to move forward. The route is not always straight, smooth or comfortable but in the end we finish "upright and smiling".

Have a great week everyone. Stay warm out there.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Cold Weather Choices...

For the first time in a very long time, the weather was so cold (-34 with wind chill) that we decided to heed the warnings and not walk outside.  Some of us (those with discipline) headed to Yorkdale to walk  inside  and others (the less disciplined, me included) headed straight to Zelden's for breakfast.
When I first stepped outside on my way to the subway, I thought, wait a minute, this isn't so bad. The sun is shining, the sky is crisp blue. Sure it's cold, but if we bundled up we could have done it. We shouldn't have been so wimpy!

A minute later, as I crossed the street and the wind hit me, I did an abrupt about face. This is weather that kills. It stripped every ounce of body heat out of me in the three minute walk to the subway station. My face felt like it was being burnt,  my eyeballs hurt and my fingertips were numb.
So the warmth of the restaurant and the company of twelve like-minded TPWs was the absolute right choice. The moral of the story? She who wimps out on the advice of experts lives to walk another day!

Happy New Year to all (and, would you believe it, TPW turns 10 this year. WOW, eh?).  A  reminder - our winter meeting will be on February 10 at my house. We are going to do a book exchange as follows - everyone can bring up to 3 books with the understanding that, if no one takes them, you take them away with you. Thanks to Carol for suggesting.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

I believe that my first resolution for 2018 began in 2017 when I signed up to participate in the Resolution Run for the very first time.  Never having done it before, I had to get advice on how to take transit to the start line (thank you, LP) as well as figure out what to wear for the cold in order to remain warm enough when standing around waiting (so as to not get chilled), while at the same time not over heating (and becoming slimy) during the race itself.  All very challenging requirements...
My transit foray turned out to be a difficult one (absolutely no fault of LP's!) because the designated streetcar was diverted, the detour bus took a very long time to show up and then the grumpy driver put it out of service for a while as he argued with a customer.  I finally got myself to the Palais Royale at about 10 minutes to 9, just before the race was to begin.

Good turnout of TPW Walkers at Resolution Run
Then, while I found myself to be  adequately dressed for the most part, I neglected to bring a neck scarf, thinking that I would overheat if I wore one.  Overheating was not a problem.  What was a problem was the unpleasant cold draft that swooped down my neck while standing in line waiting.  Lesson learned!

And then we were off, racing through the cold bright air, churning through snow at times, eternally grateful to the organizers that it was only a 5k and rewarded by hot chocolate and pastries at the finish.  It was lovely!  And just (maybe) fun enough to do it again next year!

P.S. If anyone wants to trade a Small jacket for a Medium jacket, I would be interested!