TPW Winter Gathering

TPW Winter Gathering
sporting our new safety sashes that reflect!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

And the Heat Goes On.....

It is only three weeks until the arrival of Thanksgiving  (I know this because it is my turn to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for my extended family) and yet there we were at 8 am on Saturday dressed for the heat and humidity.  

And it did not disappoint; a hot and sunny 24 degrees climbing to +26 degrees by late morning.  I strolled with the group (I wouldn't want to get heatstroke, after all) enjoying the conversations with different walkers, completely avoiding the fact that in five weeks I will be partaking in a half marathon (what on earth was I thinking when I signed up?).  

I don't think I have ever been less prepared for a race (though I did purchase a new pair of running shoes in anticipation, so that is something at least.  And what about Scottish country dancing - does that count?).  

I've had a busy summer, between wrapping up part-time jobs and doing a bit of travelling (I highly recommend Sardinia, by the way) and the ever present heat and humidity, which just leaves me helplessly couch ridden and unable to conceive of, let alone do, any exercise at all. And still the heat continues.  

But as woefully under prepared for the race as I am (upright and smiling will be my goal), I am grateful for these last bright and beautiful days of summer , for we do know what's coming don't we?

Monday, September 10, 2018

What a group we are

There is nothing like a walk with friends. While some of us dressed in shorts and others in down coats, we all appreciated the opportunity to be out in the morning air, enjoying what our fair city has to offer. Taking in the dragon boat races at the waterfront slowed some of us down but who doesn’t admire the strength and rhythm of the paddlers? We even talked about getting together a TPW team of rowers to give it a try. I am not sure that we would have all the skills demonstrated by Saturday’s rowers, but we would certainly give it a good effort.
I am particularly grateful for the fact that we can all walk at varying paces and enjoy interesting conversations with our friends as we slow down or speed up to join different groups. This week the talk was about TIFF and the celebrities who impressed us – not surprisingly, most are women.
Special congratulations to Dianne who completed a massive 2 day walk in support of a cancer charity. What a group we are!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Walking through an impressionist landscape...

Five of us headed east, entranced by the hazy fog that rested on the lake.  Ghost-like trees and masts of sailing boats emerged as we walked and talked. It was the best kind of communion with nature. 

And Mother N rewarded us with sightings of a gorgeous white heron, posed still as a statue, ready to strike should an unwary fish swim by and a preening swan, surrounded by errant down plucked out and floating in a wreath around her.

 Coming back through the market, we talked about how much we enjoyed our earlier picnic there and decided we needed to do it again.

So, with my social convener hat on, I hereby decree September 29th as our next Humber Bay Shores Farmer Market  'stop, shop and eat' day (the power is going to my head!). I looked it up (who knew it had an official name, eh?) and it is open until Oct. 6.

It is also time to think about our social in November and would suggest the week of the 19th if that works for the majority.

Happy Labour Day all.

Monday, August 27, 2018

How Perfect Can A Morning Be

It was a sunny day. A slight cool whiff of what is soon to come was present in the air but it was still a day where the summer wrapped itself around you. We decided to walk east , to pick up some peaches from the market. Off we went. The chatting was endless as it usually is.

On route we met one of our walkers that had been out since 06:30 that morning. We heard that other’s were also out and about. Then , of course, there is that hardy bunch that still meets  at the cemetery at 08:30.

The waterfront met us and seagulls flew around.

How perfect can a morning be? How perfect can a morning be?

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Summer Rituals

Each year, the TPW stops on one of our Saturday walks to have breakfast at Sunnyside Pavilion.  Eating on the patio beside the lake this Saturday felt like a little beach vacation.  The Pavilion is 86 years old and I love the social history it recalls; people have been coming to Sunnyside Beach to beat the city summer heat for over a century.  The Gus Ryder Pool next door (named after Marilyn Bell’s coach) was once called The Tank. 

The other summer ritual that pleases my sense of nostalgia is the Ex.  Seeing the set-up on Saturday is always a reminder that summer is waning and we need to hurry to experience all its sticky delights.  It’s been running for 139 years and I am surprised when I realize how long I’ve been enjoying it myself, now with grandchildren.

And then there’s High Park, a gift to the city in 1876.  How very, very fortunate we are to have these legacies.  Let’s never take them for granted!