TPW celebrating Canada Day (8am group)

TPW celebrating Canada Day (8am group)
Happy 150th Canada from those who appreciate every mile

Monday, July 24, 2017

Arise and Walk

This week I had the pleasure of seeing some of us on film. What an experience!  This new film captures our determination, it captures the beauty of where we walk and it captures the essence of who we are as a group. Thank you, Sherry. 

This is not the first time members of our group have been captured on film.On our site, you can see the incredible ones. Watch as they slap the face of those values attempting to define who can or should walk the distance.

I call out to all who can put one foot in front of the other.  Arise. Arise and walk the distance. Look at the two films ( left-hand side of the blog.) which celebrate who we are. Come out and walk with us. We are waiting for you.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Indy Weekend

I live a few blocks north of the Lakeshore on King Street.  Every year I develop a plan for dealing with the Indy.  Not only does the race close the Lakeshore, it also causes traffic to divert north to King Street and all the little streets north and south of King as people try to get where they are going.
This year my plan is to leave the car in the garage and take transit.  (This is usually my plan, unless I can get out of town.)  But the TTC thwarted me by also shutting down the subway between Jane and Ossington.  I just cannot go west!  (Well, to be fair, there are shuttle buses.)  So I had to miss meeting the group in High Park on Saturday.

I needed blogpost material though, so I looked up the Indy website to see what they could offer.  I’m sorry to tell you that it’s written in a foreign language, referring to things I cannot understand.  I can tell you there’s a Canadian driver, Parker Thompson from Alberta who might or might not be well placed in the race Sunday afternoon.  He starts in fourth position, whatever that means.  And when the race is over, they are all off to Ohio.  And I’ll be able to get my car out!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Surviving Long Distances

My goal is to do the Montreal marathon in September and to survive the long distances in the summer heat often alone.  Reading is part of my marathon training this year.

I found that reading about the experience of long distance training gave me a broader perspective and builds on my experience. I always learn something!

When its tough out there I refer back to something I read. It's not easy and there will be pain and doubt. And if I train well, many rewards.
I read a quote from a Runners World book :

"Your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is  - Kara Goucher, Olympic Marathoner

Of course I read the quote changing  running to WALKING.   I often  think how lucky I am to have the time and capacity to get outside and walk a long distance.  

On a hot Saturday morning with a long distance ahead I need to be reminded and just maybe you do too.

Walk your distance this week and remember to hydrate and fuel.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Oh, Canada...

Oh and also ahhhhh.

Sat. morning the 8:30 group moved our starting time back to 8 and the 7:30 to 7 and, to be frank, I didn't think there would be a huge turnout. Much to my pleasant surprise, we had one of the biggest groups of the summer so far.(see 8am group in photo above)

Phyllis brought red and white maple leaf scarves for all of us - a delightful gesture (thanks Phyllis). We teased that  we looked  like a Girl Guide/Boy Scout troop - the mature division.  Identically neck-tied, we stretched, groaned and set out east.

The waterfront was poetically beautiful, a  layer of mist making it look like a Chinese brush painting. As we walked, scenes emerged from the fog and then disappeared behind us. As we passed the Palace Pier, a mother duck floated into our sight with four tiny babies following her. It was all quite magical.

Just past Ontario Place we bumped into the earlier group and, of course, stopped to chat. They told us we would be able to see the much touted giant rubber ducky from the Music Garden. 

On we went and sure enough, there it was - 6 stories high and looking exactly like the iconic bathtub toy on steroids.

Over breakfast there was much debate about whether  the admittedly ridiculous thingy was 'worth the money'. The general consensus was that, since it made us smile and would be wonderful to see in the company of young children, why not eh?

Lake Ontario is a pretty large bathtub, says Rubber Ducky.
The morning's combination of beauty, whimsy and good company was, to me, a fitting way to celebrate our wonderful, diverse, imperfect but striving to be better country. Happy Birthday Canada.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chatter in Nature

We walked along the waterfront. A dragonfly accompanied us part of the way. The sun peeked in and out of the clouds until it decided to stay with us.  Water was seen in places that use to contain dry land.  One slight detour occurred because of the water's  presence in a most unlikely place. 

A TPW member from long ago showed up and walked with us. We quickly caught up with the news of where she had been and what she had been doing for the last few years. Chatter flowed in and out of our members;  we stepped to its beat. The listener and the teller sometimes being indistinguishable. 

Kilometers marked in single digits moved into double digits while the chatter continued to take on the form of a pace bunny.

I am not clear on how mother nature is intending to balance itself. I am not clear on how many more detours will be erected along the waterfront to accommodate the water. I am not clear on whether dragonflies will continue to accompany us. I am not clear whether the sun will be able to shine for longer periods of time without the clouds covering it.  I am sure that TPW members will continue to chatter. I am sure that there will be times that the chatter will be our pace bunny. I am sure that whether walking with returning or ongoing members we - as a collective  - will remain engaged with whoever we are walking with.  Chatter in nature while walking the distance with excellent company. Hooray for TPW.